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Our water proof lap protectors (affectionately known as piddle-pads here at Guinea Pig HQ) have been very popular in our online store so we though we'd share the story behind their creation and demonstrate just how good they are at preventing little accidents soaking through on to clothing and furniture.

Guinea pig on sat on waterproof lap protector pad

We've all been there, you're enjoying snuggle time with your furry family, everyone's feeling relaxed (perhaps a little too relaxed) and suddenly you get that warm sensation.... slowly seeping through onto your lap. Little Piggy looks adoring into your eyes as if butter wouldn't melt and you're thinking not again!

Guinea pig on sat on waterproof lap protector pad

Well, now snuggle time can be puddle (or should that be piddle) free affair with our waterproof lap protectors. Each protector comprises four layers of fabric; a warm and comfortable fleece for your piggy to bed down on, a PVC lining that provides an impenetrable waterproof barrier, wadding for additional padding and durability and finally, a hard wearing cotton that is placed down onto your lap. The video below demonstrates how the layers are stitched together to create your lap protector and just how affective they are at offer complete protection.


If the demonstration video wasn't enough, here's a review from our online store for a recently-purchased lap protector:

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Bought this as a gift for a friend who owns a guinea pig. It went down a treat, they have raved about how many wet laps it has saved them. A must have for any piggy owner!"

As with all of our fleece products, our lap protectors can be washed in the washing machine. Full instructions are included in with your purchase.

Guinea pig on sat on waterproof lap protector pad

Our lap protectors are available in pink/brown colour way and blue/white colour way. Perhaos you could consider our blue or pink pigloo as a matching set too?

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