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Hello, Humphrey here!

As every intrepid guinea pig explorer knows only too well, a family holiday is the best kind of piggy adventure. Not only is it the ideal opportunity to catch up with some snoozing, it’s also perfect for sampling some local snacks and squeaking to some new friends.

Unfortunately, as Mummy and Daddy have been very busy setting up Everything Guinea Pig this year, we haven’t had opportunity to pack the car and head out exploring. However, all is not lost! I have scampered around and found out last years album to share with you. You’ll see that I had the most fabulous time and looking through the photos has brought back lots of special memories.

Ok here goes…

As any seasoned guinea pig traveller will be well aware, the first step of any adventure is travelling to your destination of choice (obviously). Our destination of choice for this holiday adventure was the beautiful Lake District, and a beautiful cottage on the edge of Skiddaw Mountain. Just look at the view from our window!

Lake Dsitrict and Humphrey the Guinea Pig packing his bags

As you can see, I travel lightly bringing only the essentials with me. In addition to the minimal essentials, there was of course the cool bag FULL of fresh greens and tasty treats for me! By the time Daddy had unloaded it into the fridge, there was no room for the human snacks!

guinea pig making himself comfortable about the house

Next on the agenda? Making myself at home of course! I had to test the bed for springiness and high up on the priority list was having a comfortable settee with the remote control within immediate reach. I was aiming for as little disruption to my holiday snooze time as possible.

guinea pig looking at the radio and meeting new friends in the garden

Before leaving for my holidays, Mummy and Daddy treated me to a new radio and timer thingy for me to listen to. I learnt a lot from Radio 2, very informative and according to Daddy the only radio station available in the middle of a mountain range! I also met some lovely new friends, here I am with Mr Bear from the garden. Sadly, I couldn’t find Peter Rabbit.

guinea pig planning agenda and writing post cards

As well as being the best guinea pig Mummy in the world, my Mummy is also super duper organised and often referred to as the Queen of Lists. With a heavy agenda of exploring on the cards, I thought I had better lend a paw with the planning. Here I am writing out the agenda, not forgetting lots of tea rooms stops on the way! After giving my paws a bit of a rest from all the military planning, I made a start on my post cards home. First on the list…. Dear Grandma.

daddy's treats not allowed for guinea pigs

Daddy is partial to a sweet treat, especially when on holiday, so the cupboards began to fill up with all sorts of delights. Mummy and Daddy said that these are the sort of treats that guinea pigs aren’t allowed, it turned out that Mummy wasn’t too keen on them either. Daddy said no problem, he’ll be sure to eat them all up!

Humphrey the guinea pig enjoying some special fruit treats

Not wanting to miss out (I’ve been known to squeak a little when I’m hungry) I too was treated to some special holiday snacks. Here I am tucking into delicious cherries and mandarins, all from my very own Peter Rabbit spoon that Mummy and Daddy bought for me. Mummy says these treats are only because you’re such a good boy and on holiday! We’ll see about that….!

Humphrey the guinea pig enjoying some bed time Beatrix Potter reading with his Mummy

Despite the additional holiday snoozing time I still found the adventure exhausting. Eating new snacks, writing on post cards and meeting new friends in the garden are all very tiring. There was just enough time before turning into bed for the night to enjoy a bedtime story with Mummy. My choice of story for my Lake District holiday? Beatrix Potter of course! 

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  • Hilary Reilly on

    You are a lucky piggie Humphrey. Love the piccies, the one of you on ‘your’ bed made me laugh! Very comfy!

  • Emma Ingham on

    Hello Humphrey
    It’s so nice to see and hear about your holiday.
    I’m knew to your site, And I love it.
    Your mummy puts in a lot of hard work to help you. Well done.
    I am one of your biggest fans,
    Take care Humphs ( do you mind me calling you Humphs?)

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