The wonderful people over at The Innocent Pet Care Company have sent us some rather delicious looking 'The Innocent Guinea - Luxury Guinea Pig Treats' to review. The treats we're reviewing are herb garden nibbles with parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme.

The Innocent Pet Company The Innocent Guinea Luxury Guinea Pig Treats - A product review


Following a recent re-brand, the design and packaging does indeed live up to the luxury label. From the choice of font to the images and colours, we can see that time and expertise has been invested into the branding and that all aspects of the design have been carefully considered. The overall image is one of luxury and quality and this ties in nicely to The Innocent Pets ethos.

On the reverse, the feeding guide, composition and analytical data are all clearly displayed and there’s a little window so you can see the treats (no dust or bits floating around which is a good sign). We’re also pleased to see the ‘Made in Britain’ and ‘Locally Sourced Ingredients’ badges proudly displayed, so extra points there too!  

The Innocent Guinea Luxury Guinea Pig Treats - The Innocent Pet Company   The Innocent Pet Company The innocent Guinea - Luxury Guinea Pig Treats


The ingredients list makes easy reading, all natural products that we’d be happy to eat ourselves. The treats also contain added Vitamin C (an essential component of guinea pigs’ health) and we’re pleased to see that there are no seeds, honey, colourants or sugary additives included. They’re just not necessary and your guinea pig’s health wouldn’t thank you for them either.

The treats have been gently air-dried to retain their nutrients, flavour and high fibre and this, combined with the aromatic selection of herbs, makes for a tasty looking treat.  The expiry date has almost a year remaining, plenty of time to work through the treats whilst keeping to the recommended 2-3 treats a day as part of a balanced diet.

The Innocent Guinea - Luxury Guinea Pig Treats - Product Review


As you tear open the pack, the burst of aromatic herbs smells delicious. The treats look a natural green colour with no dust in the bottom of the pack. The pack also has a re-seal strip, very handy for keeping them fresh between servings.

After a quick sniff and a fleeting look of ‘I’ve not smelt anything like this before’ Humphrey tucked in and thoroughly enjoyed his treats, making light work of the days recommended three (he’s a sizable boar after all, but don’t tell him we said that). A well-deserved paw of approval from Humphrey!

Humphrey the Guinea Pig with a bag of Innocent Pet Guinea Pig Treats


Based on an RRP of £2.50 and the fact that our pack contained enough treats for eighteen sittings of three treats, we’ve calculated a per session cost of just under 14p. Very reasonable if you ask us, especially given the quality of the ingredients and the fact that they are manufactured in the UK from start to finish.


After rigorous testing (and tasting) we’re pleased to report we’d be very happy to recommend these treats to our guinea pig community. The Innocent Pet Company have consciously thought about their ingredients, both in terms of their suitable for guinea pigs and their quality, and we think this, in association with the luxury element to the branding, are a winning combination. A paws up from us, definitely our treat of choice for the future.

Humphrey the Guinea Pig with a bag of Innocent Pet Guinea Pig Treats

If you'd like to get your paws on some Innocent Guinea Luxury Treats for your herd, you can find them on the Innocent Pet Website here. Don't forget, spend £5 for free delivery on your order and if you sign up to their newsletter you'll also get 10% off your order too! [Click here and scroll to bottom of the page to sign up]. Happy munching folks! 

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