Guinea Pig Pigloo - Blue/White


Our Pigloo is a wonderfully versatile guinea pig accessory that no piggy or piggy parent should be without.

Pigloos are a great place for your piggies to snuggle and snooze whilst feeling safe, warm and comfortable. Alternatively, it's also a safe and effective way of lifting your piggy out of their house or to use during lap time, it's especially useful for nervous or anxious piggies.

Each pigloo is handmade in the UK using quality fabrics. Pigloos are made using a durable cotton outer, a layer of wadding and a hard wearing fleece inner. Concealed boning is used around the entrance of the pigloo to ensure that it remains open during use. Please note that slight variations in fabric colour and pattern may occur depending on stock. 

Pigloos measure approximately 16” long x 13” wide and are available in blue/white and brown/pink colour ways. Our pigloos are generous in size and can accommodate one large piggy (or one who doesn't like to share!) or two average size piggies.

Full care and washing instructions are included with each pigloo.

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