Mini-Review and Endorsement


Launching a new product or service and need an endorsement from an established guinea pig brand to increase exposure and confidence amongst your audience? Our mini-review package is perfect for giving you that initial early-launch boost.

Upon receipt of your product, we'll compile a mini-review and endorsement that outlines the benefits and key features of the product.

Your mini-review and endorsement will include:

* A concise mini-review of the product giving an overview of its function and highlighting its key features

* A short endorsement abstract that can be easily included in your marketing and promotional material that highlights the key features and benefits of your product or service

* Entry into our Humphrey Paw of Approval scheme.

If your product meets our scheme guidelines, you'll be awarded a Humphrey Paw of Approval badge. Our Humphrey Paw of Approval badge gives additional social proof to your product, an important aspect of trading online. Potential customers will see that your product or service has the endorsement of an established guinea pig brand which holds best care practices and welfare at its core, only the best for our fury family! Use the scheme badge on your marketing and promotional material as well as your product pages and listings to increase confidence and trust amongst your audience. We'll also list your product on our website, with a link, confirming that you've received the award. A link of this nature will, in turn score well with Google, and generate traffic to your store.

Need more exposure and want to increase your products' social credibility? Take a look at our social media packages. Bolt on elements and build your own package focusing on the objectives that you want to achieve. 

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