Guinea Pig Chaise Longue - Blue/White


Satisfy that inner piggy diva with our fabulous chaise longue. Stretch out, pop that back leg and demand to be hand fed treats in style!

Chaise longues are individually hand cut and stitched here at Everything Guinea Pig HQ. Comfortably padded with an integral pillow, the latest addition to our range of guinea pig fleece products is the height of sophistication and a must for all aspiring guinea pig divas. The pillow is stuffed using CE certified teddy bear studding (designed for baby toys and teddies) and easily washable at 30 degrees should the need arise.

As with all of our guinea pig accessories, we recommend that piggies are supervised at all times when using our fleece products. Chaise longues are available in blue/white and pink/brown colourways and measure approximately 32cm x 28cm.

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