Floor Time Burrow Bag - Pink


We all know how much our piggies enjoy a good burrow around foraging for hay and snacks so we've developed our burrow bag as a floor time friendly guinea pig toy to be enjoyed by the herd.

This new guinea pig game would make a great addition to your toys and enrichment props and encourages natural foraging and burrowing behaviour.

Stitched to order right here at Everything Guinea Pig HQ, our burrow bags feature a padded bottom comprising hard wearing cotton, wadding and fleece upper completed with a loose fleece pocket for burrowing and hiding away.

Burrow bags measure approximately 65cm long by 40cm wide with the pocket being 30cm long and 40cm wide. 


As with all of our guinea pig accessories, we always recommend that piggies are supervised during use. Our fleece products can be washed at 30 degrees without fabric conditioner, full instructions supplied with order. 

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